1. Old Art from 2010. Alvin Greene and Dan Snaith, Newspaper and markers

  2. James and Kat. The Bahamas. 120 mm

  3. a photo of me in Birmingham, Alabama. 2011

    (Source: faithsilva)

  4. Captain Rivers. Weezer Cruise. 120 mm

  5. Melbourne, Australia. 35 mm

  6. https://kidtrails.bandcamp.com/

    This is an EP I made somewhat recently with my friend Andy.  I’m gonna put out another one in the next few days. 

  7. Kids. Miami, Florida. 35 mm

  8. Dylan Lee and Cameron Gardner on my roof. Oakland, California. 120 mm

  9. Music Friends. Montreal, Quebec. 35 mm.

  10. Reese. Los Angeles, California. 35 mm